Top 10 Best Online Stores in Nigeria

There are various online stores in Nigeria. This article aims to explain the top online stores in Nigeria. These online stores are tested and trusted because they deliver on time and offer the best products and services.

Top Best Online Stores in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is one of the best e-commerce stores in Nigeria. Jumia was established in Nigeria in May 2012. This online store has gained wide popularity because it is likened to Nigeria’s Amazon Store. 

To get started on Jumia, check JUMIA website. All forms of products ranging from electronics and personal products are being sold on this website.


Konga is another top-rated online store in Nigeria. This store is known for its desire to deliver products to consumers with speed. Konga has a large store with varieties of products and they have their stores located in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt e.t.c.

You can check out their website to know more about the services they offer. Konga is free and open to all because small business owners are allowed to showcase their products on this website. See How to Start Selling on Konga today.

Vconnect Nigeria

Vconnect used to be Nigeria’s best listing website. Recently, the website launched a marketplace for users to showcase their products or services.

Also, vconnect provides other services to its consumers. These services are logistics and payment facilitation. You can visit their website to know more about the services they offer.


Payporte is also listed among the top online websites. This website was launched in September 2014. This online website caters to a wide variety of audiences. The audience ranges from youth and young professionals. This store is tagged as one of  Nigeria’s best retail stores. 

This website also allows small business owners to use their site as an avenue to showcase their goods. This website has a large audience and this has made it a preferable option for retailers.


Kara is one of the top online stores visited by various sections of the public on a daily basis. This website offers basically everything you might need to buy regardless. They sell gadgets, electrical power supplies, and many more products for attractive prices. 

Also, Kara allows business owners to showcase their goods on their websites.  To visit their website, go through

Jiji Nigeria

Jiji is one of the tops and fastest-growing websites that was established in the year 2014. Jiji provides a simple hassle-free solution to sell and buy almost anything.

Business owners are free to post ads for their products and services on this website. Sellers on this platform are assured of maximum reach and profit. 

Printivo Store

This website is Nigeria’s most popular print store. This website provides its users with free templates created by designers across the country. 

This store allows print providers and designers to make money online selling their prints to customers. This website differs from others because it’s only meant to sell print designs online.

Ajebo Market

This marketplace is a leading online store for men’s fashion shoes, watches, bags, and every other product that pertains to men. This store was founded in 2013. This website aims at becoming the best men’s fashion store in Africa. 

Inarguably, ajebo stores are the best option for men’s fashion. 


Kusnap is a website that connects both sellers and buyers Nationwide for free. On Kusnap, you can sell products like smartphones, kitchen wares, computer accessories, gadgets, and many more products. Kusnap uses a simple approach of snap-to-sell and chat-to-buy with a fantastic user experience. 


Obiwezy was launched in 2010. This website is widely known for selling gadgets and electronic accessories. This website allows users to buy a quality used phones for an affordable price. 

Also, this website offers guarantees to its customers. It offers repairs and after-sales services to its customers. Check also: The Best Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria You Can Trust


All the websites stated above are trustworthy and ideal for any kind of product. The online shopping websites in Nigeria are fast-growing and they’re improving drastically in the services they offer and security measures.