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Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off Itself?

Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off With Itself?- Android users are usually very happy with their smartphones, however, sometimes they complain about their phones switching fast.  It’s a strange situation to be in because you’re momentarily using your phone and the next time it suddenly turns itself off and when you happen to turn

Ways to Fix It When My Phone Does Not Charge

What would you like to do if your phone or battery or other devices are draining? You obviously plug it into a power source. Right? What if you realize your phone is not charging? My phone does not charge and Samsung tablets do not charge is a common problem. Android devices are very biased to this problem and therefore

Ultimate Guide to Blueborne Vulnerability Scanner

Blueborne Vulnerability Scanner– If you want to protect your smartphone, desktop, tablet, or almost every other smart device, then you should be familiar with fast-growing BlueBorne attacks. Because it is spread over the air, it can easily affect your device. Currently, over 8.2 billion Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux devices are vulnerable to this attack. It can affect

Everything You Need To Know About Blueborne Virus

Performing headlines around the world, BlueBorne Virus is considered one of the most rapidly growing malware attacks currently. It’s put over 8.2 billion devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on) globally at a risk.  Because this may affect your device even when not connected to the internet (as it is airborne), it has been identified as

How to Properly Wear On Ear Headphones

Most people love music and often enjoy losing themselves in it to shut out all manners of noises and block out all annoyances, hence the use of headphones. But then again, to enjoy the efficiency of the rich and perfectly clear sound that comes with a headphone, the deep bass that ensures proper separation of

Price of Infinix Hot 8 Series and S5 Series in Nigeria

Infinix are known for producing the pocket friendly mobile devices and as such they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. For the sake of this publication, we’ll be reviewing the prices of Infinix Hot 8 Series and S5 Series. The reason being that these phones are released in September and October, 2019. Infinix Hot 8 Series