Ernst and Young Salary Structure in Nigeria

Ernst and young salary structure in Nigeria are very important for graduates who intend to apply for jobs in the long run. In Nigeria, there is always annual recruitment that the auditing firm conducts before accepting undergraduates. Ernst and Young are one of the biggest auditing firms.

The firm is present in Nigeria and they recruit undergraduates to fit the graduate trainee positions yearly. The Ernst and the young firm has been growing in experience and Job opportunities for graduates. This post will explain the Ernst and young salary structure in Nigeria.

About Ernst and Young Nigeria 

Ernst and Young’s global company is a company that spreads among the world and has its company in Nigeria. Ernst and Young Nigeria have been offering professional services to private and public companies in Nigeria. The EY has its head office located on the 10th floor, UBA House, 57 Marina Road, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

The Ernst and young company requires every graduate trainee to possess a degree from an institution. Also, the graduate trainee also needs to possess the relevant skills that include: Influential skills, teamwork, analytical skills, managing ambiguity, and excellent communication skills. Check useful skills to improve your workability.

Ernst and Young Salary Structure in Nigeria

Fresh Graduate Salary at Ernst and Young

Ernst and Young are one of the biggest accounting firms and their salary structure for fresh graduates is always attractive. Some graduates join the Ernst and Young company through the graduate trainee program. The Salary of fresh graduates at Ernst and Young is between N150,000 to N180,000 every month.

It is pertinent to note that the Ernst and young graduate trainee program is competitive and the applicants to be there just secure a form. This is the monthly salary payment that young graduates earn at Ernst and Young in Nigeria. See all salary structures in Nigeria.

Ernst and Young Graduate Trainee Recruitment

The following explains Ernst and young training recruitment in Nigeria. 

Ernst and Young is a recruitment program that takes place every year with the sole aim of bringing Nigerians to the work firm. You can easily get Ernst and Young recruitment applications on their website and on other top job websites. 

Fresh graduates can apply for this program. It is important to note that graduates without the second class upper division don’t have an upper arm in applying for this job.

Anyone that intends to apply for Ernst and young trainee recruitment must be between the ages of 18 to 26 years. If they don’t meet the basic requirements, they wouldn’t be offered any job in this company. 

For candidates that qualify for this job position, i.e they pass the entrance examination, they are allowed to go to the Ernst and young company in Lagos. The tests include oral interviews and writing tests. 

Ernst and young Graduate Trainee Salary

The average salary of a graduate trainee is N220,000. A graduate trainee with two years of experience or zero experience earns N172,000. A graduate of 3 to 9 years of experience earns N315,000. See the top 15 highest paying jobs.


The Ernst and young salary structure are easy to access in as much as you have the relative skill to work perfectly and you are entitled to a good salary. The salary structure is so easy that you can earn the same salary as others that has more experience than you. Do share your thoughts and drop your comments.