John Okafor Biography & Net Worth 2021: Age, Career and Facts

John Okafor a.k.a Mr. Ibu is a famous comic actor in the Nigerian movie industry, he has been in the business of putting smiles on peoples faces for over 2 decades now, as a prolific actor in Nigeria we thought it will be cool to give you detailed information about the biography and net worth of John Okafor.

Nollywood is blessed to have raw talents all across, ranging from every ethnicity in Nigeria and this has placed the industry in the top 3 in the world.

We cannot ignore those who made this feat possible for Nollywood and Nigeria at large and this is why Nollywood actors and actresses must be celebrated.

John Okafor is one of those that makes Nollywood entertaining, how on earth will you watch a movie he featured in and you won’t burst into laughter?

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Without further ado let us quickly take you through his profile information before diving into John Okafor biography and net worth in full.

Mr. Ibu Profile

Full Name:John Ikechukwu Okafor
Nickname:Mr Ibu
Date of Birth:17th, October 1961
Place of Birth:Enugu State, Nigeria
State of Origin:Enugu State
Education:College of Education, Yola & MIT
Wife:Stella Maris Okafor
Occupation:Actor, Musician & Comedian

Now that you have seen little about him we will love you to read the full biography and net worth of Mr. Ibu, his wife, children, family, career, awards and many more.

Early Profile

John Ikechukwu Okafor was born in Enugu State on the 17th of October, 1961. He is originally from Nkanu West L.G. in Enugu State the South Eastern region of Nigeria.

John Okafor from a family of eight struggles to excel and make a name for himself, his ordeal started when his father died, a heavy storm destroyed his fathers’ house and John Okafor together with his other siblings and his mother were forced to become tenants in their hometown.

It was a very disheartening occurrence as it affected his education, in 1974 after his primary school education John Okafor moved to his brothers’ house in Sapele.

While in Sapele John tried his best to raise money so as to further his education, he did menial jobs to feed himself and his family, he worked as a hairstylist, photographer and even worked in a crate producing factory.

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He tried his best to finish Secondary school education of which not so long he got admitted in the College of Education, Yola, unfortunately, he had to drop out as there was no funds to sponsor himself.

After being through different jobs John Okafor was able to raise some funds then he enrolled at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu which gave him the opportunity to stay educated and got his degree in Mass Communication.

Mr. Ibu Love Life; Wife & Family

Life wasn’t fair to Mr. Ibu “John Okafor” as six of his family members died from poison, he also got a divorce from his first marriage.

In 2015 he got married to his current wife Stella Maris Okafor, she is an actress and also a model, their union was blessed with three children, when it seems everything is coming back to normal John Okafor lost his first son Emmanuel Okafor.

We got to know that his ex-wife kidnapped his wife and his children of which she demanded ransom, after the money was paid they got released after 10 days, a few months later their first son Emmanuel Okafor died due to complications believed to be poison when he got kidnapped.

John Okafor’s wife Stella Maris Okafor has been a very supportive partner to him, likewise his wonderful children.

Mr. Ibu enjoys sports as a hobby and also loves driving, playing draft, watching football and also cracking expensive jokes.


Before John Okafor started his acting career he has done a lot of jobs, trades and learned as an apprentice, he worked as a hairstylist, worked in Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), worked as a teacher and also learned Martial Arts “Shotokan Karate” which he practiced for 16 good years and in 1983 got his black belt.

He has the record of being the first instructor who taught Karate in federal government colleges in Nigeria.

As an Igbo man who loves money, John Okafor was able to gather some of his friends, they contributed money and dived into trading, they buy fairly used shoes, medical equipment, shirts, caps and so on from Niger then come back to Nigeria to sell.

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John Okafor’s acting career started while working in the Anambra Broadcasting Service, he started getting gigs for soap operas then he graduated to become a production assistant and this gave him the opportunity to learn film production from different movie producers.

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Producers discovered his talent for him because a talent can’t be kept out for long, they discovered the other side of him which is comic, noticed he cracks jokes effortlessly and this was discovered by Alex Ezeamaku the Managing Director of Zalex Production.

In 1997 John Okafor was given a role to play as an imbecile by Alex which he did well, he performed more than what was expected of him then his career fully kickstarted.

He worked with inspiration and advice from top movie directors and actors the likes of Nkem Owoh, Zebrudaya and many others, now he is a force to reckon with in the Nigerian movie industry and also as far as comedy is concerned he is a top comic actor.

Being one of the best comic actors in Nigeria John Okafor a.k.a Mr. Ibu was able to work on set with other veteran actors and actresses, he started producing his own movies too which was done yearly.

Some of the movies produced by John Okafor are (Mr. Ibu, Allegations, Naomi, e.t.c.). Aside from movies produced by him, John Okafor has starred in over 200 movies and still acting today.

He worked with prominent actors and actresses in Nigeria, the likes of Pete Edochie, Monalisa Chinda, Late Sam Loco Efe, Patience Ozokwor, Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme and so on.

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Filmography – (Movies John Okafor Appeared In)

Below is a comprehensive list of some of the movies John Okafor appeared in, if you need to laugh away your sorrow then here are the numerous list s of Mr. Ibu movies.

  • Agony – 1998
  • Vuga – 2000
  • Informant – 2003
  • Bullet – 2003
  • Fresh Pain – 2003
  • Nicodemus – 2003
  • Police Recruit – 2003
  • Ngozi: Abeg Marry Us – 2003
  • Naomi – 2003
  • Civil War – 2003
  • Mr. Ibu – 2004
  • James & John – 2004
  • Unbreakable – 2004
  • Mr. Ibu in London – 2004
  • Dollars from Germany – 2004
  • Circles of Live – 2005
  • Joshua – 2005
  • The Councillor – 2005
  • 9 Wives – 2005
  • Common Sense – 2005
  • The Journalist – 2006
  • Store Keeper – 2006
  • Brainwash – 2006
  • Sweet Mama – 2006
  • The Return of Mama-G – 2006
  • Fool at 40 – 2006
  • Over Heat – 2006
  • Final Surrender – 2006
  • Men on the Run – 2006
  • Recharge Card – 2006
  • Dear Mama – 2006
  • Four Forty – 2006
  • Chelsea/Liverpool – 2006
  • Captain – 2006
  • Keziah – 2007
  • Basket Mouth – 2007
  • Bafana Bafana – 2007
  • Desperate Search – 2007
  • How Far – 2007
  • Toronto Connection – 2007
  • The Tusk of Life – 2008
  • Mental Case – 2008
  • Yahoozee Prophets – 2009
  • Most Wanted Kidnappers – 2010
  • Open & Close – 2011
  • Honeymoon Guys – 2015
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Awards & Recognition

The biography of John Okafor and his net worth wouldn’t have been complete without talking about his awards.

  • In 2014, he won the Best Movie Actor of the Year, an award of excellence by  Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria.
  • In 2016, he won an award from Magic Lens Africa Film Academy.
  • He also won the “Best Comedian” by the Governor of Enugu state.
  • He got an award from Multichoice African Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

He has a lot of awards as we have only selected a few. Aside from the awards, he also got deals as a brand ambassador with big Nigerian brands like GoTV, Merrybet and many more.

Mr. Ibu Net Worth

John Okafor’s net worth is currently estimated at $4.5 million, his earning streams from movies produced, movies he starred and featured in and also from his endorsement deals.

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Facts About John Okafor

  • John Okafor got into school during the Biafra War and he saw the ugly part of it, together with his family and loved ones hide in the woods and he partake in eating of lizards, rats and other things just to stay alive. Though was fun to him.
  • In 1976 his father got poisoned together with other members of his family, this really affected his education and growing up in his kid days.
  • He brought Jim Iyke into the movie industry and also Georgina Onuoha, we also have other actors that came into the limelight through him, John Okafor is a source of inspiration even to the upcoming actors.
  • He is currently one of the richest actors in Nollywood, ranked on the 4th position.
  • He is a musician and has released some songs and also featured in some top musician music videos eg Flavor.

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