How To Check and Verify Plate Numbers in Nigeria

Plate number check and verification in Nigeria are very important especially when you are planning to get a new plate number for your car. In this guide, you will learn how to check and verify your plate number without any stress whether through SMS or online.

Before we delve into how to check or verify plate numbers in Nigeria, here are some facts about Nigerian plate number verification.

About the Nigerian Plate Number Verification

The Nigerian plate number is a combination of unique digits and alphabets with the name of the state and slogan embedded in it. Also, it is usually inscribed on rectangular steel with white background and a Nigerian flag on the side.

Plate Numbers are usually provided by the government through the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) which ensures safety on roads across Nigeria as well as issuing new driver’s licenses among others.

The plate number is like a unique identity for cars and the owners as it can be used to track cars in case of theft, burglary, and any other crimes.

Thus, registration with the right agency is important to avoid running into problems with FRSC or being duped by fraudsters. Do you want to learn how to check or verify plate numbers, find below some useful steps on how to go about it.

Plate Number Verification: How to Check Plate Number in Nigeria

There are many ways that a plate number check or verification can be done. You can visit the FRSC office, police station, online portal, or via SMS to verify a plate number.

Although you can visit the Police station to report in case of emergency or crimes to verify or check a plate number, we will be focusing on how you can carry out plate number verification by yourself.

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How to verify Plate Number in Nigeria via the Online Portal

Plate Number check or verification can be done via the FRSC online portal in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to follow the steps below to check your plate number.

  • Go to the FRSC plate number verification portal
  • Select the ‘Verify Number Plate’ option and insert the plate number you want to check.
  • Confirm you enter the correct plate number and submit by clicking on the button
  • After which the verification will be determined to be successful or failed. If you enter the correct number, your verification should be successful.

How To Check Plate Numbers in Nigeria via SMS

Apart from checking your plate number online, you can also do the verification via SMS by performing the following steps.

  • Send ‘VerifyPlateNo’ with a space between it and the plate number you want to check to 33324.  For instance, if your plate number is  GFR342BB, you can send ‘VerifyPlateNo GFR342BB’ to 33324
  • And you will receive a message stating whether your verification is successful or not. If successful, details about the plate number registration and the owner will be provided.

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Plate number check or verification should not be difficult if you follow any of the above methods. In case you weren’t able to check or verify your plate number with any of the methods, you can visit the nearest FRSC office in your state to complete the plate number verification.

Have you ever tried out any of the plate number checks or verification methods? Was it successful, share your thoughts with us via the comment section.